Hydraulic engineering

INGESA provides planning, specialized consultation and support in the field of hydraulic engineering and hydraulic buildings. The most important professional knowledge of the company consists of its human resources, with remarkable technical skills, and it technical and scientific consultants. The activities are performed with high-level equipment and technologies, among which you can find hardware equipment and numerical calculation codes, constantly updated.

Dam in the Lake of Brugneto  (Mediterranea delle Acque S.p.A - Genova)


  • Planning and optimization of aqueducts
  • Fluvial hydrology, hydraulics and landscape morphology
  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies of natural or man-made river basin
  • Management of hydrographic basins, including safeguard of water quality and natural habitat
  • Forecast models of water emergency
  • Consultancy regarding hydrogeological plans
  • Consultancy regarding the development of management methods and plans for water resources
  • Master plans, reports and technical consultancy


  • Forecast of flash floods
  • Monitoring campaigns of main hydraulic variables within net infrastructures
  • Security audit of damming, collection and derivation points
  • Evaluation of flood caused by hydrological extremes and dam/levee break situations
  • Analysis of erosion within river shores and related problems
  • Shaping of fluvial sediments transport both in one-dimensional and two-dimensional domain
  • Environmental impact analysis of hydraulic protection works
  • Real time tuning of forecast and alert systems