Drinkable water and wastewater treatment

When treating wastewater and industrial water, more severe removal processes are needed, for example, to eliminate micro pollutants and effectively protect the environment. We help our customers implementing these new procedures, in addition to a long-term financial planning.

We deal with several ambitious projects about renewal, enlargement and restoration of water purification plants. Moreover, we assist the client during the management process, design deodorization plant and study strategies in order to consider the opportunity water treatment centralization.


Punta S.Anna WWTP – MBR process (Mediterranea delle Acque S.p.A - Genova)


  • Sewage and industrial water purification plants
  • Landfill leachates
  • Waste-water disposal system
  • Canalization
  • Street rainwater treatment plant
  • Sludge dewatering installation
  • Sludge drying installation


  • Regional plans for water disposal
  • Management plans for sewerage networks
  • Feasibility study for site and processes
  • Risk analysis and security planning
  • Investment and exercise cost planning
  • Regional plans for sludge management